Adorable NFTs, Inside & Out

Featuring FimHoles!


Sure, there are plenty of apes, dogs, cats, whales, mutants, robots, alpacas and freaks to choose from.

Only The Fims reveal what’s behind the algorithmically-produced random arrangement of facial features and accessories.

That’s right – The Fims dare to show you their FimHoles!

Each Fim has removed their faces so you can see exactly what they’re made of. Some are good, others are mean. Some are straight-forward, others are enigmatic. Some are full and others are broken.

What they share in common: they’re all Fims and they band together as a mighty, magical collective.


  • What is/are The Fims?
    The Fims refers to a couple of things:
    –> Adorable creatures that share a unique superpower
    –> An NFT release, featuring these adorable creatures as avatars
  • What does 'FIMS' stand for?
    Originally, this series was called ‘mfimm’, for ‘My Face Is My Mask’. That was shortened to ‘fimm’ (‘Face Is My Mask’). That was shortened again to ‘fim’ (‘Face Is Mask’). Finally, we just dropped the acronym altogether, because we liked how ‘The Fims’ sounded.
  • What's up with the skintones of The Fims?
    We understand why the skintones of The Fims may cause some head-scratching.
    Let us explain:
    –> The Fims are NOT human
    –> The Fims ARE humanoid creatures with the unique ability to show you what they’re made of…literally…
    –> Most Fims are two-toned, meaning their bodies and faces are different colors
    –> Some Fims have the same color face and body, but these Fims are RARE
  • Are The Fims NFTs part of a game?
    The team behind The Fims baked in some gamification elements into the design. However, we don’t want to hype the community on a game, cartoon, graphic novel, toy, breakfast cereal, onesie, or any other type of commercial product just yet.
    We are very interested in further developing The Fims in many forms. If we have a successful release, we will survey creative and business opportunities as they present themselves.
    The more interest and visibility we can get on The Fims, the more likely it will grow into something truly amazing. Flex your Fims proudly!
  • Is there any lore related to The Fims?
    There is rich lore and backstory surrounding The Fims. The Fims lore can be found HERE!
  • What's up with the NFT release?
    Here are some of the finer points…
    –> 10,000 unique Fims (1-20 allocated to team/marketing)
    –> 149 traits across 10 categories
    –> Of course, some traits are much rarer than others
    –> 17,179,344,000 possible combinations
    –> Each Fim costs 0.08 ETH to mint plus gas, while supplies last
    –> Maximum number of Fims minted per Tx: 8
    –> Every Fim purchase will be verifiable through Etherscan and Opensea
    –> At launch, all Fims will have their identities hidden
    –> The Big Fim Reveal will happen 24 hours after the last Fim is minted
  • Are The Fims for kids?
    No. The Fims and The Fims NFTs are for adults only, in accordance with the regulations in your area.
  • Are there any celebrity Fim holders?
    Rap legend The Game, boxing legend Roy Jones Jr., and red hot recording artist Kap G are celebrity Fim holders. More on their way!
  • If I buy a Fim, what am I getting?
    Every owner of a Fim is entitled to the following:
    –> NFT artwork of your Fim (images and metadata pinned on IPFS), corresponding to an address on the Ethereum blockchain
    –> Personal and commercial usage rights of the specific NFT artwork, with some limitations (for more information, click HERE to download the license)
    In addition, we are working to create attractive perks for NFT holders. Again, we aren’t going to hype them just yet, but follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay current with the latest announcements. (Fim socials launching 11-18-2021.)
  • Can I choose what my Fim looks like before I purchase it?
    For the initial minting, no. Each Fim will be minted into existence at the time of purchase (the buyer pays the minting fee plus gas).
    After purchasing and minting your Fim, your Fim will be available for view on Opensea (hidden until all Fims are minted), where you’re free to display and resell your Fim on the secondary market.
    On the secondary market, anyone can view what Fims people have listed for resale. This is a great option for people who would like to know exactly what they are buying. However, it is likely that secondary market prices will be higher than the initial release.
  • How do I participate in the initial release?
    It’s easy!
    –> Visit the Fims Minter, connect your wallet, and use the onscreen interface and prompts to complete your purchase
    –> Visit the collection on Opensea, connect your wallet and select the purchasing account to view your Fim (hidden until all Fims are minted)
  • How do I know if I got a 'good' one?
    We believe that all of The Fims are ‘good’, but we know what you mean.
    Once The Fims are revealed, you can check the rarity of your Fim’s traits on Opensea. We also anticipate listing on Rarity Tools.
    In addition, Fims with the same color body and mask are rare. And some traits have matches across categories (i.e. a style of ‘eyes’ that matches a style of ‘hole’), which would be considered rare groupings.
    Rarity definitely plays a role, but at the end of the day, it’s about what you like and if your Fim resonates with you. Trade in the secondary market to find your perfect Fim(s)!

More of That
Sweet Fim
Eye Candy!

6 of
Possible Combinations

Roadmap 1.0:
Our Path to
Minting Out!

  • 25% Minted (2500): The Visitor Chapter – The Fims celebrate the arrival of Doctor Frem. We giveaway one (1) Fim to a random Twitter follower AND one (1) Fim to a random Fim Holder. Total Fims to Giveaway: two (2).
  • 50% Minted (5000): Rebellion Chapter – The Fims revolt against the cruel reign of Doctor Frem. We giveaway one (1) Fim to a random Discord follower AND one (1) Fim to a random Fim Holder. Total Fims to Giveaway: two (2).
  • 75% Minted (7500): The Lone Child Chapter – The lone child shines her light of her soul, becoming a beacon for all Fim-kind. We giveaway one (1) Fim with the ultra-rare Lucky Double Shamrock FimHole to a random Fim holder. Total Fims to Giveaway: one (1).
  • 100% Minted (10000): We purchase land in a metaverse to build Fim City!

Roadmap 2.0:
A Preview of
Fim Future!

  • The Fims  Music – Our NFT platform for music and virtual concerts.
  • The Fims  Film – A media studio and fund for film and episodic content.
  • The Fims  AR / VR – A vertical for virtual and augmented reality projects.
  • The Fims  Jewelry – A line of Jewelry with NFC capabilities.
  • The Fims  Collabs – Collaborations with other NFT projects and stakeholders across multiple industries to bring more benefits to Fim holders.

Meet the Team
The Fims!

P.J. Taylor
Creator / Artist
Tinashe Nyatanga
Partnerships / Community
Dawn Shannon
Artist / Heart

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